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Our Team


We know that early childhood care has a strong influence in future learning and development. We believe in providing an environment for children that fosters healthy living, social growth and learning through positive interactions, imaginative play, positive relationships with caregivers and individual development.  

All of our staff is required to take a minimum of 10 hours of early childhood related training per year.  Each of us are CPR certified and Mandatory reporters.  Additionally, our staff chooses to exceed the expected training requirements and complete as much training as we can find related to early childhood development.

Meet Our Director


Amy Brandsen grew up in Central Illinois. She has been in the Early Childhood field since June of 2010. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood in August of 2019 from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. Amy has a passion for connecting children and families with high quality child care and fostering healthy relationships with child care providers. She also loves to use the outdoors as a chance to teach children about nature. Amy became The Children’s Nest Director in August of 2021.

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