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A big "Thank You"

to @Audubon Real Estate- local U-Hall Dealer and the Audubon Lion's Club for stepping up to make a difference. They generously split the cost of an adaptive stroller/trike for a child at the Nest, helping this little one enjoy hours of outdoor time safely. We appreciate Audubon Real Estate, our local U-Haul dealer and the Audubon Lion's Club so much!!


The Children's Nest Award Recipient

The Children's Nest was awarded funds from the 100+ Women Who Care in Audubon County organization in April 2019! Plans are to use the funds towards security cameras, ipads for documentation, staff enrichment and improvements around the center!


Grant Recipient

We are pleased to announce that The Children's Nest was awarded grant money from Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa to remodel one of our classroom bathrooms! We are thankful for this grant opportunity! 

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